Green Circle is mapping the current ecosystem of micro credentials in the construction sector, currently at the core of the transition to a sustainable Europe.

Due to the built environment´s contribution to EU’s total waste generation, energy consumption and energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, the construction sector will continue to lead the EU green transition by 2050.


Eretbos S.A. 2024 Construction of the Northern Road Axis of Crete

For that to happen, EU and national policies are focusing on the necessary skills to achieve the new demand in energy efficiency and waste management, as the principal EU strategies to adopt for the ongoing green transition. Build off site constructions, renovation of the existing building stock, passive and zero energy builidngs, along with targeted interventions for the conservation of the public and historical buildings, are some of the actual fields where green skills needs to be adopted and scaled up.

initial and lifelong learning, as well as apprenticeship schemes are supported in this sense to include all the necessary skills and additionaly promote and support tools and initiatives for strengthening the mutual recognition of qualifications, respecting at the same time the national standards. Likewise the cooperation of all concerned stakeholders (e.g. companies, training centres, industry associations, competent authorities) is promoted in order to provide regular updates on training schemes related to the evolving needs of the green transition.

Green Circle explores the micro credentials framework potential to cater different learning needs and new market demands. This targeted and flexible acquisition and scale up of the green skills may provide support the industry in order to keep pace with the green transition.

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Green Circle: Micro credentials in Construction – EU project